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Ayurvedic Haircare Regime

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The Ultimate Hair Care Combo - includes Kokum Hair Balm, Fortifying Hair Pack and Fortifying Hair Oil.

Kokum Hair Balm, 20g - An all natural, leave-in conditioning balm for your hair. Made with Kokum Butter, lavender & beeswax, leaves hair smooth & frizz free.

Fortifying Hair Pack, 45g - Enriched with 15 powerful herbs such as Jatamansi, Amarbel, Indian Gooseberry & Gotu Kola, it exfoliates scalp to remove dead cells, promote hair growth, control premature greding of hair & dandruff.

Fortifying Hair Oil, 100ml - Nourishes hair from root to tip, helping them grow longer & thicker. Contains Almond Oil infused with Rosemary, which increases blood flow to the scalp & rejuvenate hair follicles.

- 100% Natural
- Handmade
- Ayurvedic
- Cruelty Free

Also, get a Canvas Zip Pouch free with this combo!